Vanishing Point refers to the coordinates of the Arctic Circle, which are in constant flux due to movements of land masses and ocean currents. Vanishing Point grows into an allegory for life in the north, where traditional lifestyles and environment are in transition.

Vanishing Point started from my desire to visualize this change, which is both external and internal. I have photographed in my surroundings on the island of Hailuoto and in various parts of northern Scandinavia, and I've been fascinated by the contrast between the fragile nature and man-made infrastructures. My working method has been erratic consisting mostly of aimless wanderings; the vagueness of the coordinates of the Arctic Circle has reflected on my approach. 


The question that I keep coming back to is: what does the future look like in the peripheries of the North? 




Exhibited in Oulunsalo Library at the “Artist of the Year” exhibition 10.08.2022 — 29.09.2022

Vanishing Point - Exhibition Oulu 2022

Photo by Alex Story